LILO KI is a webshop with handmade jewelry that originates in the furthest corners of the world. I got my love for jewelry from my grandmother Lilo. She always wore very beautiful contemporary jewelry that always looked great on her. This made me enthusiastic about beautiful old jewelry at a young age. After years of traveling and working in fashion, I came up with the idea of ​​converting this passion for jewelry into a LILO KI webshop.

By putting together a unique collection of old and new jewelry, LILO KI has created its own unique jewelry style. Most jewelry is 925 sterling silver and is often lead and nickel free. However, this cannot be found with all jewelry, especially with vintage items. We combine handmade pendants with self-designed and made bead necklaces. Most of the jewelry in our collection is unique and only a few pieces will be available. We do everything we can to keep adding and creating new items. So be quick!

Most jewelry is sent by post (not as a package), so you don't have to stay home for it. We also do not charge shipping costs within the Netherlands!

Lilo ki has a new soap line.

The soap is made in the Netherlands from pure organic coconut oil with oatmeal and shea butter.

Everything is organic and vegan.

The soaps have a relatively low pH value that is close to the pH value of the skin.

A new Eau de Parfum, Body Oil and facial cream will also be available soon. Made on 100% organic.

For Retail B2b now also on Orderchamp and Ankorstore.

We wish you a lot of shopping fun



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